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/e/ Winter Survey - November 2018

This is the first satisfaction survey we are running around /e/ and the OS.

Help us make /e/ better!

One year ago, we started on this journey to create a credible and desirable alternative to data hungry services on smartphones. In the last twelve months, we have created a vibrant global community, launched /e/ on nearly 50 devices, welcomed several hundred test users, etc…
The progress so far has been nothing short of incredible and the /e/ Team would really like to thank you for that! We are truly humbled and grateful of all the support and contributions to this project.

But we don’t want to stop there! We’d be delighted to learn more about what you enjoy on /e/ and what you’d like to see improved. Many of you give us feedback on community.e.foundation but not everyone is comfortable giving direct feedback and we understand and respect that.
To that end, we have created this survey, completely anonymous, where we give you, /e/ users, the opportunity to give us their feedback on the OS, the apps, the cloud services or any other topic you’d like use to do better.
The survey contains 5 sections: OS and the Apps, Public Relations, Platforms, About You and General comments.

We thank you in advance for the time and effort you’ll put into replying to these 20 questions. It is really important for us to understand your satisfaction level and know where we can try to do better.


Gaël and the /e/ team.

There are 25 questions in this survey.
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